The Six Sexiest Beaches in America!

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Hottest bikini-clad spots in all the land... which one u choose??

Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach, CA
Its world-famous beach volleyball courts bring in a bevy of international beauties primed with
both the desire to win and boy-shorts bottoms that’ll make a grown man weep. Too hot for you?

Lake Havasu
Lake Havasu City, AZ
While not technically a beach, this H20 heaven attracts legions of West Coast cuties to houseboat
parties in Copper Canyon yearly. It is entirely possible that some are drawn there by the oh-so-many pornos shot in the lake’s many hidden coves.

Hanalei Bay
Kauai, HI
The waves hitting this semicircle of white sand bring bronzed surfer chicks, and the coral brings
snorkeling sweeties. We challenge you not to choke up after catching an eyeful of bums bouncing
in the surf as the amateur oceanographers marvel at the starfish below. Ah, nature’s bounty!

Isle of Palms Beach
Isle of Palms, SC
This seven-mile-long and one-mile-wide barrier island has pristine beaches littered with
smoking-hot rich ladies lured in by high-end shops all over the island. It’s like chum for sharks. (Sharks who are into really expensive handbags.)

South Beach
Miami, FL
The gold standard for sun, sand, and steam…and the home office of Miami Vice. The smooth white-sand beach is strewn with starlets and models looking for someone to baste them in tanning butter. (Ask permission 1st.)

Main Beach
East Hampton, NY
Everybody from Sean Jean models to train-wreck celebrities to the Real Housewives of New York City hits the East End of Long Island to party hard all night, run over the occasional bouncer, and pass out at this beach the next day. Clean up in towel aisle!

Manchester United vs Malaysia XI

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5.30pm, 17/07/09: Another historical day for me. The 1st Manchester United team in front of my eyes.But there is no my favorite CR 7 and Tevez. Anyway, life goes on and Manchester United will success. Great players come and go. This season, we can see the shine of Michael Owen, Valencia and Obertan.
The result is 3-2, goal from Rooney, Nani. Amri Yahya was a hero for Malaysia in that day. 2 goals from him to defeat Van De Sar and Ben Foster. I'm also proud of him. Malaysia Boleh.