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15/12/08 - Jempol, N.S.D.K. I was transferred to the site office@Jempol which is about 150km from my current house at Shah Alam. The main town is Bahau with all the important, econsave, hawker center etc. It's about 15km from Bandar Sri Jempol(my office)..too far huh...It's about 2hours and 30 minutes from Shah Alam.
The company was provided us(me and my partner) a beautiful semi-D house for free. But nothing inside the except wall fan and the lamp. The house is nothing compare the my house here.

As a conclusion, Jempol is a good place to live. U still can feel the cold and clean air at 8pm.

But, this place is not suitable for me in the young age to live this kind of place. I was in the Klang Valley from 1999 to 2008...the traffic jam, crowded people, every step is fastest...suddenly i was a the place where all the movement..time..step is too slow. I can became a slowest person in my age if i don't move on a.s.a.p

The food and everything here is too expensive and more expensive compare to my shah alam. How a can save money way i think.

The is too easy for me. What i can say is..if i give my work to a UPSR boy, they can finish it so easily.. except i earned a good salary with that job. I don't how during my i-view they said i can learn a lot of things here. Money is important nowadays, but my happiness is more important. Every single working days..5 days a week i need to face this kind of problem...huhu. It's waste for time, knowledge and qualification. But there's no more challenge for me anymore. I know my capabilities, I can do more than that. It's time to go. I will return to my lovely Klang Valley in the short time, believe me. I can do it.

Now, i need to update my resume and enter the world of job hunting. 2009, here i a new chapter of career. Alwayz be ready to i-view.

Family @ Aidiladha Eve 2008

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ItalicSingapore, 7/12/2008 - Everyone was in Dover RD, Singapore for Aidiladha Eve makan besar keluarga.

Happy? Spread it around

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LONDON - HAPPINESS is infectious and can 'ripple' through social groups such as family and friends - but work colleagues are apparently immune to each other's moods, according to a study published on Friday.

The effect creates 'clusters' of happy and unhappy people, both socially and in geographical terms, said the study, stressing that contentment 'is not merely the province of isolated individuals'.

But while the mood of neighbours and friends can have more impact on people than that of live-in partners, work colleagues are not affected by a happy person in their midst, said the study in the British Medical Journal.

'Changes in individual happiness can ripple through social networks and generate large scale structure in the network, giving rise to clusters of happy and unhappy individuals,' said the study's authors.

'Most important from our perspective is the recognition that people are embedded in social networks and that the health and well-being of one person affects the health and well-being of others.

'Human happiness is not merely the province of isolated individuals,' added the study, by Professor Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School and Professor James Fowler of the University of California, San Diego.

According to the study, geography can affect happiness: if you have a friend who becomes happy and lives within a mile (1.6 km), it will increase your likelihood of being happy by 25 per cent.

They found that live-in partners who become happy increase the likelihood of their partner being happy by 8 per cent; happy siblings living nearby boost joy levels by 14 per cent, and neighbours by 34 per cent.

'Work colleagues did not affect happiness levels, suggesting that social context may curtail the spread of emotional states,' said the study.

In an editorial accompanying the study, Professor Andrew Steptoe of University College, London and Professor Ana Diez Roux of the University of Michigan School of Public Health, called it 'groundbreaking'.

'If happiness is indeed transmitted through social connections, it could indirectly contribute to the social transmission of health, and has serious implications for the design of policies and interventions,' they said.

The study was based on research involving 5,124 adults aged 21-70, followed between 1971 and 2003.

To assess happiness they were asked to agree or disagree with four statements: 'I felt hopeful about the future', 'I was happy', 'I enjoyed life', 'I felt that I was just as good as other people'.

Happiness was defined as a maximum positive agreement with all four statements.

Cristiano d'Or

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Some people may be thinking the Ballon d'Or is just another award for Cristiano Ronaldo, the latest in a long line of trophies recognising his astonishing achievements last season.

In the last seven months, he's been named PFA Player of the Year, Football Writers' Player of the Year and FIFPro World Player of the Year. But this one caps the lot. Ronny appears to be genuinely thrilled to win this, the most prestigious individual honour in world football.

I'm delighted for him. It would have been ludicrous if he had been pipped to the award by Lionel Messi or Fernando Torres, both of whom enjoyed successful seasons but were not as consistently devastating as Ronaldo.

And let's not forget that in being heralded as the world's greatest player by 77 out of the 96 journalists on the voting panel for the France Football magazine gong, Ronaldo joins a very distinguished list indeed.

The last three United winners were George Best (1968), Bobby Charlton (1965) and Denis Law (1964). After scoring a phenomenal 42 goals in the 2007/08 Double triumph, perhaps Ronaldo has already assured he will be mentioned in the same breath as that trio in years to come.

But one way for him to guarantee that is to ignore overtures from the continent, stay at this great club and continue to torment opposition defences for many more seasons.

"This is one that I want to win again because it is so good," Ronaldo said after scooping the award. "Therefore, I will wake and I will say to myself 'I want to be even better'." Let's hope he fulfills that ambition in a United shirt.


Kings of Manchester

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0's Ben Hibbs was among the travelling Reds making the short trip to SportCity on Sunday...

It’s about time United beat City, and Sunday’s win was wholly merited after an excellent performance at Eastlands.

On the bus from town before the game I had to sit quietly and listen to all of City fans’ giddy pontificating and anti-United songs. Personally, there’s something I dislike about the term ‘bragging rights’, but if there is such a privilege it certainly lies with Reds in offices or on factory floors across Manchester today.

Last season saw our loveable neighbours do the double over United for the first time during Sir Alex's reign – the first defeat at the City of Manchester Stadium was completely undeserved after the Reds dominated the match, the second at Old Trafford was no doubt affected by the emotion of the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster.

'Time to put it right' was the attitude in the away end – and on the pitch, too. United completely dominated the first half. City’s muted supporters were reduced to cheering the odd throw-in or tackle won. I couldn’t even see who’d scored the goal when Rooney poked the ball home from Carrick’s saved shot.

In the second half the Reds weathered the inevitable spell of pressure from the home side, and battled through when Ronaldo got sent off in the game’s talking point. I thought a red card was inevitable with the way Howard Webb refereed the game. Derbies aren’t ordinary matches, and should be recognised as such. Start dishing out yellow cards left, right and centre and you disrupt the game’s flow, get players and fans agitated and you set a precedent - the only way to be consistent is to keep giving out yellow cards.

Ronaldo’s first booking simply wasn’t a foul - he got the ball - and Rafael’s booking, the first of the afternoon, was another case in point. He’s an 18-year-old lad playing in his first Derby. Yes, OK he threw the ball away, but just speak to him, tell him to calm down and get on with the game. Next time, you’ll go in the book.

Webb consistently got it wrong all afternoon – even at the end he gave a throw-in for United that should have gone to City, then seconds later gave a throw to City when it should have been United’s. Fortunately it didn’t contrive to deny United of a fully deserved victory, and Ronny misses Blackburn in the Carling Cup – a game he may well not have played in anyway.
Darren Fletcher, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov were all excellent for the Reds. In comparison, United fans finished the game singing “where was Robinho?” after the also impressive Rafael largely kept his countryman as quiet as his team's supporters.

The Blues may have added a few 0s to their bank account, but it’s still United that boast the wealth of talent. And where as City released their season review DVD last term celebrating their derby double, United move on from these victories looking at the wider picture: chasing the title.

The Ten Definitive Guns N’ Roses Moments

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10) "November Rain" Just when you thought there was no way that MTV would ever play anything so long and involved, they not only play this "November Rain" video once, they play it constantly until everyone on earth has seen it and understands how much rain can mess up your plans. And weddings aren't just for Bridezillas.

9) Riot In St. Louis: What would Guns N' Roses be without Axl's insistence on fighting with his audience and bringing about a riot? This does take audience participation to a new extreme. Almost makes Jim Morrison seem tame by comparison. Ride the snake, baby, ride the snake...

8) Waiting For Chinese Democracy: Actually releasing this album has to be anti-climactic. I mean, c'mon! The anticipation is always better than the real thing. Has there ever been a Christmas that's lived up to its hype? As a kid, I waited for Santa to bring me all kinds of great things and I got socks. Every year. Thanks for nothing, fat man.

7) Controversy Over "One In A Million": By calling people out with inflammatory words, Axl Rose was deemed a potential racist. I prefer to think he's just a challenged linguist. Just as I would not be a worthy lead singer for a hard rock band, Axl would probably not be such a fine, astute blogger beloved to utter millions.

6) The Dual Release Of Use Your Illusion I And II: Nothing kicks up your self-importance more than releasing two albums at the same time. They pressured Bruce Springsteen to do the same. And then that guy in Smashing Pumpkins did a double album. And it makes you wonder if this is actually making things better? Or just more expensive?

5) Kicking Out Drummer Steven Adler For Doing Too Many Drugs: This is pretty amazing. Adler should probably be considered the "ultimate" member if he actually forced the other guys to draw the line and get rid of him because he was doing too many drugs. Was there a rule in the band that you could only pass out once during a performance?

4) Izzy Stradlin: Sure, Axl and Slash were the focal point. And Duff looked pretty solid standing there all tall and proud with the bass, but the word has always been that it's Izzy Stradlin's songwriting that brought this band to their true heights. And let's face it, you can look the part, you can buy the loudest amps, you can hire the coolest art department and you can come up with the best song titles, but if you don't have the songs you're just another lousy band with a tireless publicity company backing you.

3) Most Of The Band Forms Velvet Revolver With Scott Weiland: This almost feels like a game of "Ditch ‘Em." How difficult must Axl Rose be if the members of his old, very successful band would rather play with Scott Weiland, who spends much of his time going in and out of rehab?

2) "Civil War": Everyone has their favorite Guns N' Roses tune. Everyone. Even my father said before he died that if he had to choose one Guns N' Roses song to be played at his funeral it would be "Civil War." Or as he put it to me at the time, "If you're going to be a jerk and play some horrible music at my funeral, at least make it something like that song about the ‘Civil War'." I took that to mean, he really wanted to hear it from his casket. And if the uptight priest hadn't been so uptight, it would've happened. We settled on some old gospel spiritual instead. Life is so full of "compromises."

1) Appetite For Destruction: Who can argue this? This was the album that made their reputation. Without this, all the antics, all the poses, all the ups and downs don't add up to anything. But here we were Welcomed to the Jungle with a "Sweet Child O' Mine" and warned about dancing with Mr. Brownstone and told to keep an eye on "My Michelle" out in "Paradise City" while we're at it. That was 21 years ago! If that doesn't make you feel old, you must be sitting in a vat of Ben-Gay as we speak. So turn up your hearing aid and rock on, old man!

by Rob O'Connor

My New Epiphone Les Paul

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Dream comes true.. I was dream about this lovely guitar since i was in secondary school 10 years ago.

I was inspired about this Les Paul guitar from Slash which is my favorite guitar player and one of the best in the world. I love his Solo in many song in G N R.. Sweet Child o mine, November rain, Don't cry, estranged and many more.. i wish that can play all those songs...

Guns N' Roses ..

My fave top 10 love song..(tagged by Maika)

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10; Now & Forever by Richard Marx

I'm holding a fortune that heaven has given to me
I'll try to show you each and every way I can
Now and forever, I will be you man

9;here & now by luther vandross

One look in your eyes and there I see
Just what you mean to me
Here in my heart I believe
Your love is all I'll ever need
Holdin' you close through the night
I need you, yeah

8; Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

Oh my love my darling
I´ve hungered for your touch
A long lonely time

7; You're My Inspiration by Chicago

You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration
Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me sayin'
No one needs you more than I need you

6;Keep On Loving You by Reo Speedwagon

And I'm gonna keep on lovin' you,
Cause it's the only thing I wanna do
I don't wanna sleep,
I just wanna keep on lovin' you

5;Faithfully by Journey

And being apart ain't easy on this love affair
Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you
Oh, girl, you stand by me
I'm forever yours, faithfully

4; When I Look Into Your Eyes by Firehouse

I see forever when I look in your eyes
You're all I ever wanted, I always want you to be mine
Let's make a promise 'till the end of time
We'll always be together, and our love will never die

3; I Surrender by Celine Dion

I'd surrender everything
To feel the chance to live again
I reach to you
I know you can feel it too

2; I Wanna Love You Forever by Jessica Simpson

Cuz from the moment that I saw your face
And felt the fire in your sweet embrace
I swear I knew
I'm gonna love you forever

1; I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Lying close to you
Feeling your heart beating
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming
Wondering if it's me you're seeing
Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together
And I just wanna stay with you
In this moment forever, forever and ever

Majlis Pelancaran 4 Karya Dr. Syed Husin Ali

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9/11/2008 - @CARLTON HOLIDAY HOTEL, Shah Alam. Dr. Syed Husin Ali was launched 4 of his book that reproduce and rewrite.
The Book is;
1 - Orang Melayu Masalah dan Masa Depannya
2 – Ethnic Relations in Malaysia: Harmony and Conflict
3 – Dua Wajah
4 - Two Faces Detention Without Trial
Khalid Ibrahim give his view for the first book. The second book is view by Dr.Lim Teck Ghee and Said Zahari give his view for the 3rd and 4th books. DSAI give an opening speech for the ceremony.

DSAI with Dr. Syed Husin Ali

full house

Fiez taking picture with Dr. Syed Husin Ali

Barbecue+Reunion @ Pdng Jawa, Shah Alam

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7/11/08 - Organized by Kaiba and Co. a nice barbecue was held at their house located at Pdng Jawa, Shah Alam. Arif, Nizam, Taira, Kaiba, Syuk, Bahari, me and a few more that i don't mention here was there that night. We all share many kind stories from the new working environment to the old school stories and guess who's the famous person that we all always ..hmmm (cant find a better word to discribe him). But, whatever.. he always be a main topic to us.. hehe.

Sweet n' Sour - Siakap

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Special made by our in house chef, Pak Ya. The taste is too delicious.. mmmm.. yummmy...

Aidilfitri 08' @ MP Shah Alam, Sec19

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19/10/08 - Together with my friend, Faiz attending MP Shah Alam Aidilfitri open house @ Section 19, Shah Alam

Taking picture with Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad (

Aidilfitri 08' @ Rizal's house

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18/10/08 - We all together @ Rizal's house, Sungai Buloh.
Rizal, Maika, Aznie, Faiz(S'Tan) and Me... hehe

(more comment at


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15/10/08 - Mohd BD Badrul Zakizan, one of my friends since we were in the same kindergarten about 20 years ago.. He was visited my house in Shah Alam for the first time. He live in Beaufort, Sabah...married with a one daughter ;)

Aidilfitri 08'@ Rembau

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12/10/08 - Faiz and I went to his grandfather's hometown at Rembau, NS. We also visit my
friend house, Nizam. We a have a busy day. After Rembau, Seremban is our second
destination and the third place that we visit that day is Nilai...

Minang traditional house

Flooding @ Office

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7/10/2008 - Flooding @ Office, Section 13, Shah Alam..

Start - 2pm
End - 2.20pm


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6/10/2008 - I buy a new PSP.... hehe

It's a blue color and also Limited Edition..

Love & Love Only....

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Someone forward to me this interesting e-mail...

Daniel : I guess we are the left overs in this world.

Jasmine : I think so.. All of my friends have boyfriends & we are the only 2 persons
left in this world without any special someone in our lives.

Daniel : Yup! I don't know what to do.

Jasmine : I know! We'll play a game.

Daniel : What game?

Jasmine : I'll be your girlfriend for 30 days & you will be my boyfriend.

Daniel : That's a great plan in fact, I don't have anything to do for the following weeks..

DAY 1:
They watched their first movie together & were both touched in the romantic film.

DAY 4:
They went to the beach & had a picnic... Daniel & Jasmine had their quality time together.

DAY 12:
Daniel invited Jasmine to a circus and they went to a Horror House.. Jasmine was scared
and she tried to touch Daniel's hand but by accident she touched someone else and they both laughed..

DAY 14:
They saw a fortune teller down the road and asked for their future.
The fortune teller said: 'My darlings, please don't waste the time of your lives... spend your time together happily.
' Then tears flow from the teller's eyes.

DAY 20:
Jasmine invited Daniel to go to the hill and they saw a meteor... Jasmine mumbled something .

DAY 28:
They rode on a bus and because of the bumpy road, Jasmine gave her first kiss to Daniel by accident.

DAY 29:
11:37 pm
Daniel & Jasmine were sitting in the park where they first decided to play this game ...

Daniel : I'm tired Jasmine... do you want any drinks? I'll buy you one.. I'll just go down the road..

Jasmine : Apple juice would be fine,thanks.

Daniel : Wait for me...

20 minutes later ... a stranger approached Jasmine.

Stranger : Are you a friend of Daniel?

Jasmine : Yes, why? What happened?

Stranger : A reckless drunken dr! ever ran over Daniel & he is critical in the hospital ..


The doctor came out from the emergency room & handed out an apple juice & a letter to Jasmine.

Doctor : We found this in Daniel's pocket.

Jasmine read the letter which says:

Jasmine, this past few days, I realized you are really a cute girl & I am falling for you.. your cherished smile, your everything when we played this game.. & before this game ends, I would like you to be my girlfriend for the rest of my life. I love you, Jasmine...

Jasmine crumples the paper & shouted..

'Daniel! I don't want you to die...I love you... Remember that night we saw a meteor? I mumbled something.. I wished that we would be together forever & never end this game. Please don't leave me, Daniel... I love you, you cannot do this to me

Then the clock strikes 12

Daniel's heart stop pumping


Always love your loved ones & show them how you feel before it's too late..
You will never know when they will be gone from your embrace..
If you were given a time to bestow petals of everlasting compassion & love to your love ones,
today is the day. Love them while they are still here...

Aidilfitri Morning 08

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Atuk, Aunt and cousin..

With cousins

White theme

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri .....

Aidilfitri Eve 08...

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Berbuka Puasa @ KL Convention Centre

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24/09/2008 - I was invited by my best friend, Maika to break fasting by her company @ KL Convention Centre which is next to Suria KLCC.
All the food is extra delicious and marvellous, that all that i can describe. My all time favorite which tiger prawn is very fresh and special, hehe.
The buffet concept is good. There are a lot of choice from kuih muih and many more.
All you can eat, hahaha. There are a kambing bakar, cucur udang, laksa, steamboat, sup ekor, ayam tandoori, roti john, satey, pelbagai lauk pauk, kuih muih, aiskrim, ABC and many more. (A lot of food)....
A give 5 stars for all the food. Thanks Maika...

Berbuka Puasa @ Gerai Hj.Musa, Melaka

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20/09/2008. I was joined GTi Club ( break-fasting program at Gerai Hj. Musa, Alai, Melaka.

It's about 1hr 20mnts from Sg. Besi to Malacca via PLUS highway.
We all stop at Ayer Keroh Petronas to wait others GTi member from Johore.

Gerai Hj. Musa is one of the popular stall in Alai.
There are a lot of food. Jenahak Bakar, Siakap 3 rasa, sotong goreng tepung, udang bakar, kupang sambal and ketam majerin
I give 5 stars to the program and all the food. Congratulation and thank you my friend, Gedg.
I'm looking forward for the next program.

45th Malaysia Day@MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya

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16 September 1963 is a Malaysia Day.

Last night, I was celebrated 45th Malaysia Day/National Day at MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya. This event was organized by the state government of Selangor.
Everyone was break-fasting in the stadium and it was prepared by the Quality Hotel, Shah Alam. After that, we all were praying Maghrib, Isyak and tarawikh together with Dato’ Mentri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid and Gombak MP, Azmin Ali. For the first time in my life, we all praying together in the middle of the stadium.

The speakers for the event is Chief Minister of Penang, Mentri Besar Selangor, Leader of DAP, Secretary General of PAS and the most waited and the climax for Malaysia Day is the our great leader which is DSAI.
It's about 20'000 Malaysian in the stadium to celebrate the 45th Malaysia Day. I’m proud to be Malaysia, proud to be one of them and also proud to be a witness for the historic moment in the Malaysia history.

I’m proud to be Malaysia.