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15/12/08 - Jempol, N.S.D.K. I was transferred to the site office@Jempol which is about 150km from my current house at Shah Alam. The main town is Bahau with all the important, econsave, hawker center etc. It's about 15km from Bandar Sri Jempol(my office)..too far huh...It's about 2hours and 30 minutes from Shah Alam.
The company was provided us(me and my partner) a beautiful semi-D house for free. But nothing inside the except wall fan and the lamp. The house is nothing compare the my house here.

As a conclusion, Jempol is a good place to live. U still can feel the cold and clean air at 8pm.

But, this place is not suitable for me in the young age to live this kind of place. I was in the Klang Valley from 1999 to 2008...the traffic jam, crowded people, every step is fastest...suddenly i was a the place where all the movement..time..step is too slow. I can became a slowest person in my age if i don't move on a.s.a.p

The food and everything here is too expensive and more expensive compare to my shah alam. How a can save money way i think.

The is too easy for me. What i can say is..if i give my work to a UPSR boy, they can finish it so easily.. except i earned a good salary with that job. I don't how during my i-view they said i can learn a lot of things here. Money is important nowadays, but my happiness is more important. Every single working days..5 days a week i need to face this kind of problem...huhu. It's waste for time, knowledge and qualification. But there's no more challenge for me anymore. I know my capabilities, I can do more than that. It's time to go. I will return to my lovely Klang Valley in the short time, believe me. I can do it.

Now, i need to update my resume and enter the world of job hunting. 2009, here i a new chapter of career. Alwayz be ready to i-view.

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kesian ini anak.. I am sad for u fiez.. UPSR pon bleh buat, termasuk la saya nie mendigitize map.. haha.. tepa fiez, 2009 is a new year for both of us.. just have faith..

jangan susah fiez, ko tggu je abg majid call. musti prob beres... hafiz..well erm wanna say welcome to JEMPOL which my lovely hometown..yeah this town is about way for you to learn about different life and different situation..

Our life wont be the same for every second, minutes and hour..So u been choose as one of lucky person who deserved to live in JEMPOL region. Live, life, love your life..I'm not saying this because of i'm from this region its because...sometime we need to explore the world and see things from different its up to you on how u evaluate ur surrounding and take it as a good will..that's all from me..

take care..salam alaik..

kata nak beli kereta HONDA,so kenalah bertahan di Jempol ba...