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15/12/08 - Jempol, N.S.D.K. I was transferred to the site office@Jempol which is about 150km from my current house at Shah Alam. The main town is Bahau with all the important, econsave, hawker center etc. It's about 15km from Bandar Sri Jempol(my office)..too far huh...It's about 2hours and 30 minutes from Shah Alam.
The company was provided us(me and my partner) a beautiful semi-D house for free. But nothing inside the except wall fan and the lamp. The house is nothing compare the my house here.

As a conclusion, Jempol is a good place to live. U still can feel the cold and clean air at 8pm.

But, this place is not suitable for me in the young age to live this kind of place. I was in the Klang Valley from 1999 to 2008...the traffic jam, crowded people, every step is fastest...suddenly i was a the place where all the movement..time..step is too slow. I can became a slowest person in my age if i don't move on a.s.a.p

The food and everything here is too expensive and more expensive compare to my shah alam. How a can save money way i think.

The is too easy for me. What i can say is..if i give my work to a UPSR boy, they can finish it so easily.. except i earned a good salary with that job. I don't how during my i-view they said i can learn a lot of things here. Money is important nowadays, but my happiness is more important. Every single working days..5 days a week i need to face this kind of problem...huhu. It's waste for time, knowledge and qualification. But there's no more challenge for me anymore. I know my capabilities, I can do more than that. It's time to go. I will return to my lovely Klang Valley in the short time, believe me. I can do it.

Now, i need to update my resume and enter the world of job hunting. 2009, here i a new chapter of career. Alwayz be ready to i-view.

Family @ Aidiladha Eve 2008

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ItalicSingapore, 7/12/2008 - Everyone was in Dover RD, Singapore for Aidiladha Eve makan besar keluarga.

Happy? Spread it around

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LONDON - HAPPINESS is infectious and can 'ripple' through social groups such as family and friends - but work colleagues are apparently immune to each other's moods, according to a study published on Friday.

The effect creates 'clusters' of happy and unhappy people, both socially and in geographical terms, said the study, stressing that contentment 'is not merely the province of isolated individuals'.

But while the mood of neighbours and friends can have more impact on people than that of live-in partners, work colleagues are not affected by a happy person in their midst, said the study in the British Medical Journal.

'Changes in individual happiness can ripple through social networks and generate large scale structure in the network, giving rise to clusters of happy and unhappy individuals,' said the study's authors.

'Most important from our perspective is the recognition that people are embedded in social networks and that the health and well-being of one person affects the health and well-being of others.

'Human happiness is not merely the province of isolated individuals,' added the study, by Professor Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School and Professor James Fowler of the University of California, San Diego.

According to the study, geography can affect happiness: if you have a friend who becomes happy and lives within a mile (1.6 km), it will increase your likelihood of being happy by 25 per cent.

They found that live-in partners who become happy increase the likelihood of their partner being happy by 8 per cent; happy siblings living nearby boost joy levels by 14 per cent, and neighbours by 34 per cent.

'Work colleagues did not affect happiness levels, suggesting that social context may curtail the spread of emotional states,' said the study.

In an editorial accompanying the study, Professor Andrew Steptoe of University College, London and Professor Ana Diez Roux of the University of Michigan School of Public Health, called it 'groundbreaking'.

'If happiness is indeed transmitted through social connections, it could indirectly contribute to the social transmission of health, and has serious implications for the design of policies and interventions,' they said.

The study was based on research involving 5,124 adults aged 21-70, followed between 1971 and 2003.

To assess happiness they were asked to agree or disagree with four statements: 'I felt hopeful about the future', 'I was happy', 'I enjoyed life', 'I felt that I was just as good as other people'.

Happiness was defined as a maximum positive agreement with all four statements.

Cristiano d'Or

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Some people may be thinking the Ballon d'Or is just another award for Cristiano Ronaldo, the latest in a long line of trophies recognising his astonishing achievements last season.

In the last seven months, he's been named PFA Player of the Year, Football Writers' Player of the Year and FIFPro World Player of the Year. But this one caps the lot. Ronny appears to be genuinely thrilled to win this, the most prestigious individual honour in world football.

I'm delighted for him. It would have been ludicrous if he had been pipped to the award by Lionel Messi or Fernando Torres, both of whom enjoyed successful seasons but were not as consistently devastating as Ronaldo.

And let's not forget that in being heralded as the world's greatest player by 77 out of the 96 journalists on the voting panel for the France Football magazine gong, Ronaldo joins a very distinguished list indeed.

The last three United winners were George Best (1968), Bobby Charlton (1965) and Denis Law (1964). After scoring a phenomenal 42 goals in the 2007/08 Double triumph, perhaps Ronaldo has already assured he will be mentioned in the same breath as that trio in years to come.

But one way for him to guarantee that is to ignore overtures from the continent, stay at this great club and continue to torment opposition defences for many more seasons.

"This is one that I want to win again because it is so good," Ronaldo said after scooping the award. "Therefore, I will wake and I will say to myself 'I want to be even better'." Let's hope he fulfills that ambition in a United shirt.


Kings of Manchester

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0's Ben Hibbs was among the travelling Reds making the short trip to SportCity on Sunday...

It’s about time United beat City, and Sunday’s win was wholly merited after an excellent performance at Eastlands.

On the bus from town before the game I had to sit quietly and listen to all of City fans’ giddy pontificating and anti-United songs. Personally, there’s something I dislike about the term ‘bragging rights’, but if there is such a privilege it certainly lies with Reds in offices or on factory floors across Manchester today.

Last season saw our loveable neighbours do the double over United for the first time during Sir Alex's reign – the first defeat at the City of Manchester Stadium was completely undeserved after the Reds dominated the match, the second at Old Trafford was no doubt affected by the emotion of the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster.

'Time to put it right' was the attitude in the away end – and on the pitch, too. United completely dominated the first half. City’s muted supporters were reduced to cheering the odd throw-in or tackle won. I couldn’t even see who’d scored the goal when Rooney poked the ball home from Carrick’s saved shot.

In the second half the Reds weathered the inevitable spell of pressure from the home side, and battled through when Ronaldo got sent off in the game’s talking point. I thought a red card was inevitable with the way Howard Webb refereed the game. Derbies aren’t ordinary matches, and should be recognised as such. Start dishing out yellow cards left, right and centre and you disrupt the game’s flow, get players and fans agitated and you set a precedent - the only way to be consistent is to keep giving out yellow cards.

Ronaldo’s first booking simply wasn’t a foul - he got the ball - and Rafael’s booking, the first of the afternoon, was another case in point. He’s an 18-year-old lad playing in his first Derby. Yes, OK he threw the ball away, but just speak to him, tell him to calm down and get on with the game. Next time, you’ll go in the book.

Webb consistently got it wrong all afternoon – even at the end he gave a throw-in for United that should have gone to City, then seconds later gave a throw to City when it should have been United’s. Fortunately it didn’t contrive to deny United of a fully deserved victory, and Ronny misses Blackburn in the Carling Cup – a game he may well not have played in anyway.
Darren Fletcher, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov were all excellent for the Reds. In comparison, United fans finished the game singing “where was Robinho?” after the also impressive Rafael largely kept his countryman as quiet as his team's supporters.

The Blues may have added a few 0s to their bank account, but it’s still United that boast the wealth of talent. And where as City released their season review DVD last term celebrating their derby double, United move on from these victories looking at the wider picture: chasing the title.