Working, working and working....

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This is my new office and also new environment of work. I was too busy since i joined this company but i love this kind of jobs.. Company provided to me a PC and lappy which is need to be carried to the meeting to show 'them' what GIS is all about.

My post as a Research & Consultancy Executive is more like a project manager. I've to handle all the client needs, attending meeting, doing a GIS analysis and also make sure that I can deliver the end product to the client at the 'right time'.

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kecilnya meja ko.. ndak sempit ka tue? congrats fiez.. bah, bila mau belanja gaji pertama nie?

yah yah bila mo belanja!!! tahniah lah sbb sudah bahagia di samping kuala lumpur tercinta

iya suzie.. and bukannya di jempol yg busan tahap gaban kan suzie.. bah fiez bila ko mau belanja sy ngan suzie nie..

don't worry bah, sy ttp blnja kamurang. C suzie tu bah, yg sudah kembali d lembah klang, tp ndak pernah mo blnja pun..huhu.

ko tu jak yg nda pandai contact aku!!! bah jom dis sat ..huhuhuuh