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Shah Alam is a most wonderful city that i lived since 1999. I was only 18 that time. House@Shah alam is a compilation stories about a house that i lived at Shah Alam from 2000 to 2009.

Apartment (macam lah) at Section 18 Shah Alam is a 1st house that i rent and my life started there. This apartment is the longest period of time that i lived, from 2000 to 2004. Excluded in 2001 i was in UiTM Perlis. I one part that i don;t like about his apartment is.... 5th Floor.There's a lot of memories with my friends which is we're all together since secondary school at Keningau, Sabah. That house like a reunion place in a weekend for all Sabahan. My Friends Alvin, Atan, Ruther, Gedg, Wan, Benny, Aaron, Peter, Charles shared all those memories.
Apartment @Section 7, Shah Alam and also at the 5th floor. I've only in that rent at the apartment for about 5 months. My housemate is also my classmate..all male student from my class for Diploma in Geomatic Science. After that, I returned to my previous apartment at Section 18 (1st apartment) until i was graduated my diploma.
This is my 3rd house. The environment is too peacefully and quite. I started my career as a surveyor since i was lived there and 2 semester of my degree in UiTM. I was resign as a surveyor to continues my studies in Bachelor of Geomatic Science and it is a brilliant decision that a ever made. I was there for about 1 1/2 years.

Corner house but the house is too hot and i always sleep at the living room. The condition is not really good. what ever, this is my 4th house. I lived there my two of may best friends, Pak Lah and Ian. The bad memories for me in this house that I lost 2 of my cellphone in the same 6600 and Samsung True Eye. My friend, Ian also lost his SE K800i which is he's bought it for only 2 months. I only lived there for about 1 year because the owner want his house back. I must moved again..huhu. I was lived in this house until i graduated my degree.

5th house but the house number is 6. Now.. this is my current house until the end of this month. The condition is near superb compared to the previous house that i lived in Shah Alam. I love this house. My Housemate is Pak Lah and Pak Ya. Thankfully to Pak Lah that helps me a lot. Pak Ya also very nice person that i ever know. He teach me how to cook, helps me in a gym as a personal trainer (walaupun free..huhu) and he's a good barber. Thank you for helping me every month to cut my hair. He also teach me how to cut a hair (hanya dpt 30% dari ilmu pak ya nie..).

Next month, April. I will move from Shah Alam for the 1st time. It is sad but life goes on. I'm looking forward to live in a new place and the new environment...

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sedey ko nie fiez.. banyak kali juga ko pindah ne? tepa now diff environment, d kl pula ur new home kan.. diff environment

Shah alam nie penuh ketenangan bah. KL nie lain pula suasananya.. apapun hrp ianya mengembirakan.

hallo my prenz...
sedeh beb aku baca artikel ko yang last...sebab koranglah housemate yang terbaik pernah aku ada.. mula2 rasa kekok dgn korang tapi at last it's very interesting... hopefully we still keep in touch who knows you will get married soon. hahahaha

menyampah aku dengar!!! terlampau manja dengan shah alam

improve ur english language plz.

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