January 09 - Recap

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January - The 1st month of of every year. There are a lot things in this month that has happen to me and to my life.

The first 2 weeks of January is quite boring for me. i still live in that rural area that i mention in the previous post. Every single day, my mind can't stop to think the solution how to resolve this big problem that happen in my life. My mental..my feeling is 'not good'.

16/01/09 was a great day for me in this month. It is my 1st oversea holiday for 2009 and hopefuly i can go somewhere else this year. I'm going to Bandung, Indonesia with a group of my friends. This is my 1st to go there. Bandung is a shopping paradise, everything is so cheap and that make me want to buy every single things. I want to repeat this holiday. 3 days is too short, i need 1 week at least. Bandung..wait for me

19/01/09 I was returned to this lovely country, Malaysia. The special about this date is my 1st interview for this year. Guess, the location?... is in KL.. i repeat..Kuala Lumpur. Every going just fine during that interview and the result is the director of the company wants me to join asap. The night of this day also the 1st time for me to write what we say..love letter (resignation letter) for my my former company.

What i can is, January is a interesting month for me. My work is up side down for starting but everything is gonna be fine in this coming February. i feel so relief. Now, the most important me to do is to prepare myself with a new environment of work and also the new challenge. I'm looking forward to it. February..here i come..

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love letter was edited by Maika kan.. woohoo. Let's celebrate fiez.. mari kita raikan

yeah..that's true.. The most important is, now i return to Klang Valley.

and also our new project. Semoga menjadi n sama sama kta menuju puncak etiqa.

maika ..menuju puncak fantasia..

huh??? u guys mo jadi insurance agent kah apa????