Berbuka Puasa@Yuen Steamboat, Sunway

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Yesterday, I was break-fasting with two of my old friend, Gedg and Alvin. This the 1st time we are having dinner together for about 2 years.
It's good to remember the old stories. Gedg and Alvin is one of my good friend since we are in secondary school in Keningau, Sabah. We always playing, hang out, and spend our time together especially after SPM.
Yuan Steamboat is the one famous steamboat in sunway. You just only pay for RM19.80 and eat-all-your-can or makan sampai muntahlah hehe. It's good especially for break fasting hehe. There are a lot of variety seafood and the most expensive one is the tiger prawn annd crabs (I eat it a lot ...u know a LOT). But the all time favorite is the honey chicken wings (everyone have to Q) Thanks to Alvin coz have a enough courage to Q for us, hehe.

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wow best la...Alvin is the big fan of chicken wings..of course he'll Q-up hehehehe...anyway i wish i was in M'sia to enjoy the ramadhan food...

makan sedap aja ,,,mcm mana nak kurus