Pasar Ramadan@Gerai 88, S7, Shah Alam

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7/9/2008- I was visited my friend's faiz and Aznie food stall at S7 Shah Alam. It's located at lot no.88.
The best selling product are sambal kerang, sambal paru, sambal kentang many more. This is the 2nd time i manage to visit their stall. 4 of them are too busy from 5-7++(until the break fast time). When 1st time i came here, the nasi kerabu and nasi lemak was finished already. It was so many costumers that day.
I wish all the best to Faiz and Aznie and I hope anyone who read this post plz come to Gerai 88, S7, Shah Alam. You'll be regret if miss the opportunities to try all the lauk pauk there.

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bravo to faiz.. If there is a chance, i'll go and visit :-) i mizz the bazaar...flash me back to the old time.hiihi kan fiz...

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