Family - is not a place for arguments

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Quiet down and feel it~those who already married should read...... those who haven't married, must read

This is a letter from my best friend's father who wrote this letter to him from China. On the wedding's day, the MC announced it in front of the public,

That's the only time I saw such a quiet and peaceful ceremony, Students there was astounded and felt their parents love Although it was over many years, but I still could remember concretely in my mind,

Later, this letter were in the circulation I keep this letter safely until today, On father's day, with a new start Hope you would receive the great wisdom. Family--not a place for argument

A speech from a remote parents who couldn't attend their kid's wedding

My dear,

Father and mother heard you are going to marry we feel happy for you, although it is thousand miles away, we couldn't attend your wedding, father and mother couldn't be there to deliver our
speech, we feel a little sorry in our heart. but you are our daughter, hope you could understand our feeling as parents.

That day, after put down the phone, your mom and I sit down quietly for some time -- how come our daughter grow up so fast? Later, your mom face the mirror and moan: you see, there are getting more white hairs on my head now, think it is time my daughter will get married.

As I was counting your mom's white hairs, those memories from the old days, just blobbing up one after another. Your mom reminded me:

I should write a letter to my daughter! Just think of it...

Wedding's Gift.

Dear, we are the most normal parents in the world, our daughter is also the most normal one in the world, we are not hoping a lot, only hope that when our daughter going on the road of marry, after heading further her life journey, she is filled with thankfulness, Along the journey, here we gift you one of our realization in our live journey. Let us start with: family is not a place for argument. it sounds unreasonable, or myth but very true, these words are reality and practical
it is the experience of 10thousands couples, families (including our family) over 10thousands ages and months, 10thousands of sufferings, 10thousands of love and hatred, 10thousands of true and false, 10thousands of right/wrong it is the final summary after all the bumpy road we had gone through.

When there is reasoning argument between a couple, trying to fight for who is right or wrong, Family piece and happiness will also start to form a shadow of coldness. the couple would unconsciously wrap themselves up with all the unreasoning to protect their reasons, seeing your love one as enemy, hurt your love one, ultimately killing each other and both lost. So many
couples, because of a so called 〔reason 〕,end up being selfish and faithless to their loved one.
they don't know, family is not a place for argument, it is a nest for worth and need to compare who is stronger and who has the power. It is not even a place for revenge.

So, why 〔Home〕, what kind of place is home?
Dear daughter, when we are young, we also couldn't answer this question; just like many other couples, because of one small issue or matter, they quarrel and never give up individual point. That year, because of a small problem raised by your uncle, your mom and I had a terrifying disagreement, and we nearly divorced. It is only we lack of bravery during our time.
Until one day, there is a retired soldier who mentioned it in his son's wedding:

〔Wishing both of you stay until both hairs are white and old, be loving each other forever〕
That very short word "love", it strike in my heart like thunder yes, a home is not a place for argument, a home is a nest for love and caring. Loving one for an hour is easy, but loving one forever is not easy, in there, there are so many wisdom that we need to summarize and experience along the way.


Marry is like an empty box you have to deposit and make it full and filling, so that you can get what you wanted The more you put in, the more you get. So many people when they get married, they hope for so many things in their marry, they hope for wealth, respect, love, piece, happiness, health, in fact, marry in the beginning, it is just an empty box. The couple who walk together, must cultivate a habit, to give, to love, to serve each other, to praise each other, later, that empty box will growing full and filling and prosperous.

〔Memory〕is the 1st thing that need to be in the empty box in the beginning,Memory is a kind of thing that stay or engraved in us forever. It started when the couple started to affirmed each
other, started to feel the love of each other, then they entered the stage of caring, then they entered into emotional love without 2nd thought.

〔Memory〕is small road to our warmest home when we are tired and stressful, it is a warm memory when we are chilling during the winter night, it is the best delicious rice of the family after rush back from stressful work....

We must put in the 〔Arts〕in the empty box, the arts within the married life. In the married life,
there are endless places where a couple can mention the arts, there is arts when angry, and there is arts when quarreling.

There was a couple who raise 5 kids with their hard work, In within, no one could realize their pain and stress. one day, the couple come into quarreling because of their kids, Just when the quarreling turned extremely bad, the wife suddenly said:
"hold on, I am going to deliver a baby soon." this words, is the arts within a quarreling. Besides putting 〔Memory〕and 〔Arts〕that a couple can put in our wedding box, there are endless things, all could be put in it, it is like waiting for you both to fill it and make it full. I suddenly recalled an author who said these few words

〔You'll give birth to them, educate them, you'll bared your responsibility, and the best gift that you'll gave them, is a pair of wings〕. Dear daughter, this is a letter, a thing that mother and I want to give you for your wedding. They wish you could carry along with our best wishes,
fly with happiness!

from Father and Mother.

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