Murtabak-the best in town@PKNS Shah Alam

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Murtabak ayam&daging the best in Shah Alam, located at Bazaar Ramadan PKNS Complex, Shah Alam. I have to Q for about 10 minutes to buy just only 2 pieces of murtabak. For the records, they have started this murtabak business since 2004 and now it's 4 times in the row for ramadan. The famous quote that anyone could recognize this stall is "murtabak ayam&daging, Telur Ayam di basuh". But due to the increasing of many product in the market, the price of this famous murtabak is also increase from RM1.70 to RM2.50 but still many people in Shah Alam want to buy it. Wanna try?
Actually, i wanna to show many picture but my lovely N82 don't have enough battery to do that..

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mcm best saja fiez.. swdap ka?

memang sedap bah tue.. marilah dtg sini try, hehe

klu makan ingat kat mak ayah kat sabah....